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Thursday, 7 February 2013

In perspective

So I've just read about Kepari Leniata, the 20-year-old woman from Papau New Guinea who was tortured and set alight by a huge, angry mob for suspected sorcery.
And it somewhat puts things in perspective.
I've just got a husband (generally loving and supportive) who has Aspergers. I feel I have no right to moan when such horrendous things go on in the world - and yet I do, because I'm human.
Today though is a good day. In fact, it seems it's me that is the difficult partner to live with. I snapped at my husband when he pressed snooze on the alarm this morning rather than get up and and embark on the never-ending, grinding process of getting the kids ready for school (even though I frequently press snooze when it's my turn to get up). I told him off for spending too long in the shower, and I took my daughter's side in an argument about whether she should drink her milk or not (she didn't!). Having dropped the older two kids at school, my husband has now taken our 2-year-old swimming and is going to follow that with lunch. Now that all is calm and I'm sitting here writing this blog, I feel a twinge of regret for my controlling, irritable, nagging ways. He's really a pretty good bloke.
Having said that, I did pack the swimming stuff, get our son's shoes and coat on, tell my husband where to go and what to do, and search out the armbands. But, I'm increasingly realising that that's just men (and I know I'm generalising here). It's not exclusive to Aspergers. Just yesterday my friend's husband was supposed to be collecting their daughter from our house at 6.30pm. At 7pm I got a call from my friend to say her husband had forgotten he was collecting their daughter and was still at work. Half an hour later, my friend arrived to collect their daughter - straight from finishing the second job she's taken on.
And, while we're on the topic of the constant, grainy little irritations of life - does anyone else find it soul- destroying  that each and every morning we are forced through the monotony, stress, shouting and clambering of getting kids dressed and teeth and hair brushed, just to repeat the same process, backwards, every single night? Can someone out there come up with a more efficient and less painful way of starting and ending the day? Anti-crease school uniforms as pyjamas? Cereal that brushes their teeth as they chew? And yes, I know the obvious - crew cuts for them all, including our 7-year-old daughter. That would sort out the problem of nits too.
In reality, I'll be up tomorrow morning, throwing socks at our daughter, chasing our middle child around the house and clearing up spilt cereal. Only after I've hit snooze once or twice though ;)

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