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Saturday, 14 June 2014

Aspergers before breakfast

I wake Ethan up, having slept in longer than me, with a cup of tea.
He comes downstairs a while later having got himself up and dressed. I've got all three kids up and dressed, made pancakes for their breakfast, got Sam's football bag ready and swept the trail of sand off the floor that Sam's toy snake with a hole in has left.
Ethan is on the football run this morning and, thoughtfully, has offered to take all the kids to give me some time to catch up with stuff at home. Ava asks Ethan if she can take her bike. Ethan says no, it's too much hassle and he hasn't got time to get it out of the bike shed. I get the bike, rearrange the car and squeeze it in.
Ethan sees the free Sun newspaper on the kitchen side. Becomes the most animated he's been all morning telling me that they're going to be charged £1,000,000 because they've broken a publishing law by not putting their name and address on the paper. He becomes decidedly perky and enthused at the thought of The Sun's misfortune and them being 'caught out'.
When the kids are finally all in the car and the doors are closed, I hear Ethan blasting Sam at 1,000 decibels for lying about touching the car radio. He's six-years-old. And maybe he wouldn't lie if he didn't think Ethan was going to fly into a rage over every little thing.
I dash back into the house to grab a ball for Oliver to play with whilst Sam's at his football club. Tell Ethan to hang on a moment. Come back with the ball. Ethan's left.
Why is it that the traits of Aspergers are so, well, unpleasant? Or is that just Ethan?

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  1. Hi Laura, no it isn't just Ethan. Mr H is away at the moment (see blog) and rang me at 5.45 am because " I thought you would be awake". Well I wasn't and he was surprised by my grumpy response. It's all back to this self awareness, theory of mind stuff, he just doesn't get that consideration for others thing.
    It's hard work sometimes
    Hannah x