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Wednesday, 11 June 2014

Happy anniversary to my Aspergers husband

The message in my anniversary card to Ethan:

Dear Ethan,
Our relationship has been, is and will be to come, hard work. Requiring lots of understanding, compromising and forgiveness. As our very different personalities, outlooks, minds and backgrounds rub together - sometimes causing friction, we are moulding and shaping each other and hopefully moving closer, together, to the people, and couple, that we are meant to be.
We have issues, we have different ways of looking at things, we niggle and argue quite a lot. But what we also have is commitment - to each other and to our family, a belief in each other, a deep-rooted (sometimes too deep to see or feel!) love for each other that has been carved out through the years, three wonderful kids, and lots of prayer! And so we'll keep on muddling through - trying to bring out the best in each other and to be the best we can be for each other, knowing that, in every relationship there are issues, hurdles and challenges to overcome. And we will, if not overcome them all, then learn to adapt to them. Knowing that we're better together than we are apart: secure in the knowledge that, whatever's thrown at us, we'll do life together.
Thanks for the journey. Laura x

Ethan's response: "Thanks for the card. It was very [pause] interesting. Very, erm, long. Lots of writing."

<deep breath. Embrace the differences!>

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