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Tuesday, 17 June 2014

Aspergers = skint

This Aspergers is an expensive business.
Not only do we have gadgets galore - iPod, iPad, iPhones, PC, laptops, DVD player, blu-ray player, xtreamer, humax, two embarrassingly big TVs (one of them 3D), stereo surround, a base bin, two stereos and a DAB radio, Ethan's Aspergers also seems to require that he has not one, but two, sheds and a completely soundproofed house. This latest necessity is meaning we have to tear down two perfectly satisfactory, decorated walls and pull up one fairly new carpet to insert insulation panels and rubber matting. All because we sometimes hear the neighbours talking. And Ethan can't watch TV loudly in the evening because Ava is asleep above him.
I've given up arguing about it all. The arguments are fiery and defensive and exhausting and never end in a peaceful resolution. And, I suppose, he doesn't spend very much at all on the every-day things that other blokes might fritter away money on - like beer, clothes, nights out, sport, football matches...I guess half my problem is that I'd rather he spent money on those sociable, 'healthy' pastimes rather than on trying to keep the world out. Or bringing his own passive world in.
The other half of my problem is that I want a log-burner and he keeps spending all our fliipin' money!
We should have taken out Aspergers insurance years ago!


  1. We have the gadgets too Laura, although we haven't gone down the soundproofing route (yet!). We do have a log burner, although that becomes yet another irritation, Mr H faffs with it continually, and drives me insane. So careful what you wish for!
    Hannah x

  2. 2 sheds, soundproof wall, log burner...
    Throw in garden fences tall enough so I can't EVER see the neighbours and I could make an offer on the house. ;-)