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Sunday, 3 August 2014

Aspergers and time out

Sorry about the lack of blog...just back from a week camping in Devon (& Ethan and I are still speaking!) and now have relatives staying, plus kids on school holidays, plus my neice's wedding in a few days, plus still working & having to keep normal life ticking over. Normal service (& a new blog) will resume ASAP. In the meantime, am taking heart that the holiday brought some precious moments when Ethan was completely 'with us' and engaged. And he wasn't stressed or pre-occupied or irritable. He searched rock pools for baby crabs with Sam, played football with Oliver, made me breakfast and cuddled Ava and looked out to sea with her on the beach. It made me realise how different he can be when he's taken away from the stress & tiredness of work & the distractions of home, computer and TV.
He starts back at work tomorrow & I'm desperately hoping that this new relaxed, calmer, happier Ethan isn't lost.

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