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Saturday, 4 June 2016

Are you receiving me?!

Anyone else out there in neuro-diverse partnerships experience their NT partner only giving half the information required?! My husband does it all the time! Frustratingly (or perhaps as a sub-conscious means of survival!) my brain never retains the incidents, except for this morning's which is still fresh in my memory...
So, Ethan came into our room, out of no-where while I was getting dressed on holiday and said, 'Do you want to go for a walk by yourself today? I'll look after the kids, I don't mind."
Seemed a bit of a random suggestion for a family holiday so I replied, "erm, no thanks. I'll stay with all of you..."
To which, Ethan, seeming a bit put out, replied, "oh right, ok."
It wasn't until later when I realised the date & mentioned to Ethan that it was the seventh anniversary of my mum dying that he said, genuinely confused, "yeah, I know. I've already spoken to you about it when I offered for you to go for a walk."
The penny dropped...but when I mentioned that he hadn't mentioned the context of it being the anniversary of mum dying he was convinced he had communicated that information. What goes on in his head and what he thinks he's said compared to what he does say seem to be poles apart sometimes!


  1. Mine does this too to a certain extent. He just thinks that I think the same things as he does. He's completely mind-blind that different people have different thoughts.

    It's a bizarre condition; one I'm still trying to wrap my mind around. I can't for the life of me understand HOW you can be mind-blind. But there it is.

    I hope you survive your trip. Trips are the worse (for me anyway - they always lead to a tantrum on his part).

  2. Hi! After 12 years of marrage and so so many strange moments in my life, I read a booked named House Rules and I suddenly realized that's it!! That is way I always feel emotional drained!! I do think my husband which is briljant in his work and providing for our family, have Aspergers! But how do I tell him that? What do I do? Communication with his is so difficult! Can you please give me advice?