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Thursday, 14 May 2015

Aspergers and having two of everything!

Our house is full of money...

We have change everywhere – in pretty much every drawer of the house and in both cars. It can’t be touched or, heaven forbid, used. It’s our back-up money which, it seems, is destined to a life of sitting idly in a drawer doing nothing. Knowing it’s there – that each drawer in the house is fully stocked with loose change, somehow brings security for Ethan. Personally, I’d feel more secure if we gathered all of this change up and used it to pay off at least some of our overdraft. 

Still, that’s the way it is and, I must admit, the emergency stash of pound coins in the car have come in useful more than once (even if I do get told off by Ethan for actually using the money!) 

What’s rather more frustrating is his habit of having to have two of everything...

A toothbrush in both bathrooms (plus a spare in the bathroom drawer), deodorant in both bathrooms, his own special towels in each bathroom, two pairs of sunglasses – one for each car, boxes of tissues everywhere (in the car, on the kitchen side, in the front room, on the hall table, on his bedside table, in the bathroom), two cars, two microwaves, two sheds...

You get the idea. It’s a small matter but why he can’t pick his toothbrush up from one bathroom and take it into the other is beyond me, same goes for his sunglasses. He lost a pair recently. We had a couple of days of frustrated, moodiness when he couldn’t find them. I knew, from previous experience, that they would turn up. And they did – but not before he, unable to live in the knowledge that he only had one locatable pair of sunglasses, that things weren’t right – bought a new pair. The next day I found his old pair, without even looking. That pair has now become his ‘house sunglasses’...for those days when the sun coming through the windows in our north facing house is just too bright!


  1. Hi Laura, Mr H is much the same, has a stash of change in his car, a stash in his work bag, and insists on me having a stash in my car too. And we have to have £100 hidden in the house "for emergencies", and if I raid it, I have to replace or tell him! And he has two of things as well! He works away about 6 nights a month, and stays either with his sister if with his one and only friend, and keeps spare shirts, pyjamas and dressing gown, towels and toilet bag at his friends house. I really don't understand why he can't just take stuff with him and bring it home again. That said, he often forgets to pack something vital, like socks or pants, and has to go and buy more.
    And the " House sunglasses" has made me smile, Mr H has glasses in the car, in his work bag, in the house, and a spare pair in his bedside drawer!
    Hope that sun's not too bright!
    Hannah x

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