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Thursday, 29 January 2015

Aspergers, miscommunication and being Different Together

Unbelievable! After a week of stressing and hours spent looking for my car/house keys and not wanting to tell Ethan because of how he would react - I finally 'fessed up on Tuesday night. Only to discover that he'd had them all along.

Apparently he told me that he was taking one set away to avoid the chance of them being lost. Really don't remember that. He says I was walking in the opposite direction at the time and doing something with the kids....well there you go then. It didn't occur to him to wait until a calmer time when I might actually be able to take in what he was telling me! Anyway, all's well that ends well I suppose, although could have done without the week of stress. It did give the opportunity to have a discussion though about why I'd held back from mentioning it for so long - for fear of how he'd react. I told him that it's very lonely feeling  I can't be open with him about life's little hiccups and frustrations, like lost keys, because of how stressed and annoyed he'll get. Told him that, when things go wrong, as they inevitably will, I need to know he's not going to make things worse by obsessing over it and spreading an air of tension and gloom over us all. He promised to try harder not to over-react and get angry the next time something annoying happens. We'll see...

In the meantime, I need to tell you, dear readers who have stuck with me on this journey we all travel, that this blog will be changing.

I'm linking in with the absolutely fantastic website and support network - Different Together. For any of you who haven't discovered it yet, visit  The website is filled with information on living with an AS partner as well as a forum where you can chat to other people living the same reality. There's also an excellent interview with Tony Attwood on the home page.

In future, I'll still be writing this blog, it'll still chart the everyday challenges and mini triumphs of living as an NT partner of an AS spouse, but I'll also be pulling in news and content from the Different Together website and Facebook page and keeping people up-to-date with developments for the Different Together conference that looks likely to take place in May 2016. And the blog will look a bit different too and will probably change its name. But rest assured - it'll still be Ethan and I muddling through!

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  1. Glad your keys surfaced Laura, Mr H would do the same, tells me something while I am distracted, and believes I will have heard and retained. Yet he can happily deny that I have asked him to empty the dishwasher/ put the bin out/ feed the dog. Stupid man.
    How exciting about the blog changes, can't wait to see!
    Hannah x