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Thursday, 25 September 2014

Sometimes, he's just a turd

What a turd that man can be.

Feel neglected & unappreciated in every sense possible. Hard to be understanding of his Aspergers & supportive of what he needs when what I need is so often overlooked or sacrificed because of his actions or because of what he 'needs' which seems to engulf the whole family. Bloody hard to love him today. Feeling dragged down & sick of trouble-shooting everything on my own. Realise I've not explained any of this & I'm sorry. Just too tired. Maybe next time...


  1. I know just how hard days like this are and Im so sad to read that you feel this way today. Sleep will help and when you are ready your AS'sisters' will be here to listen and to care. Be as kind to yourself as you are to him. Sometimes we forget to do this. X

  2. Sorry you're having a bad day Laura. Easy for me to say, I know, but try and get a bit of time to do something for yourself. Like Maryann says, be kind to yourself.
    Take care, Hannah x

  3. Totally relate to what you say. And sometimes the intense dislike I feel for my husband puts me to shame. Then I tell myself that my needs have not been met at all by this very very selfish man, and then I feel even worse for blaming him because he doesn't know any better. For me, it is just a toxic cycle and I cannot get out of it unless he leaves the marriage. I am preparing for divorce because it is just too much having to support him on all sense of the word even financially. And he has really taken things too far now by using profanity on our 9 year old. Anyway Laura, I applaud you! You are brave! I send you much light and laughter for all the days to come :)