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Sunday, 12 January 2014

Aspergers and obsessive labelling...

...not the social type of labelling that people give to other people, the real 'printing off information and sticking it on things' type.
Ethan has a new gadget: a label-printer.
So far he as constructed a docking station duly labelled, with each individual plug also labelled with the appropriate appliance that it corresponds to.
Sam has a new clear plastic tub filled with his lego. Just in case there's any confusion though, it's labelled with the words Sam's lego.
Even our hamster's bed box had a label (until recently): Hammy's bed. Ethan took it off after a guest commented how cute it was that Sam wanted to label his pet's bed!
It kind of goes like this with Ethan - he throws himself into new ideas, projects and purchases with gusto.
We have not one but two men's high-end mountain/road bikes in our shed. A hobby that lasted almost a full year. The bikes have stood sadly dormant for the last five.
The rest of our shed is filled with the six-man tent and every conceivable accessory to go with it that Ethan bought as a 'cheap' way to do family holidays years ago. We've used it four times (and only once for a full week). For our camping holiday in France this year, Ethan's insisted that we hire a tent and its contents there. It would take too long to set ours up, it's too stressful erecting it with the kids around and we don't have enough space in our car to transport it. Money well spent, then.
This intense obsession with new things that ends almost as abruptly as it begins, may not be anything to do with Aspergers. It might just be him.
But as he currently busies himself compartmentalising and labelling the entire contents of our medicine drawer (painkillers, cold remedies, creams, hay-fever and miscellaneous neatly filed in boxes) I have a sneaking suspicion that Aspergers just might be playing a part.
PS I should also add, loathe though I am to admit it, that Ethan's labelling (at least of medicines & plugs) is actually proving to be quite useful. Perhaps we are better together after all.

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