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Thursday, 23 May 2013

Kid-free time!

Apologies for keeping this brief but about to go off swimming with Oliver, followed by school pick-up, a quick hand-over with Ethan, then work this afternoon and evening, bed, work again then...
Away for 24 luxurious hours without the kids! The effort involved in organising it (arrange for grandparents to come, clean the house, change the bedding, sleep in Millie's room in her 3/4 size bed for 2 nights so our in-laws can have our room, sort out school pick-up, make fish pie in advance for the kids' tea, do a big shop so the fridge and freezer are full, arrange for one of the kids to stay at a friends so it's not too much for the in-laws, sort out someone to do the football run on Saturday morning...) almost makes it seem not worth it. Almost, but not quite!
Because, in the busyness and chaos and demands of life, when everyone seems to get a piece of you other than the person to whom you promised yourself, it's so important to consciously carve out a bit of time and energy for each other.
Because there's only so long you can run on empty before your relationship breaks down.
So, this weekend is our relationship MOT time. With the kids out of the picture, we might even make it through the whole 24 hours without arguing - I'll keep you posted! Mind you, we'll probably be tucked up in bed by 8.30pm on Friday and not surface again til 10am the next morning. So there'll be little chance for arguing anyway!
Happy almost weekend everyone!
Love this image - the kids are what glue us together and move us forward in our relationship, but so often, they're also the cause of us 'breaking down' in the first place!  When they're out of the picture we suddenly have the time, energy & space for each other.

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